Portfolio Manager MIV Asset Management AG

Zurich-based MIV Asset Management AG is the portfolio manager of the MIV Global Medtech Fund. Since inception in 1997 to March 2008, the portfolio manager was responsible for the management of MicroValue AG, a holding company with an investment focus on medical device companies. MicroValue AG was transformed into the newly-founded investment fund MIV Global Medtech Fund on 11 March 2008. MIV Asset Management AG was approved as an asset manager of collective investment schemes by FINMA on 11 July 2008.

The Team

We are a team of experienced financial and medical device analysts and the portfolio manager of the MIV Global Medtech Fund. Our goal is the sustainable accumulation of capital for private and institutional investors. We focus on the management of this fund and hold no other mandates. Our investment approach is based on proprietary research and analysis. Of course, we have invested a part of our personal wealth in the MIV Global Medtech Fund.

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